Welcome To The New OCRA!


The Ohio Colt Racing Association is pleased to announce that the member fairs of the WOCRA have joined OCRA.  Race on!

20 Fairs For 2019!

About Us

Eight Decades of Ohio County Fair Harness Racing!

Xenia, Ohio - Circa 1960's

The OCRA originally started in 1933 and was incorporated in 1981 to improve and protect the Standardbred horse racing at Ohio's county fairs.  The original incorporators of the association included Corwin Nixon, Dick Junk, Lowell Lehman and Gage VanHorn.  Stella Hagemeyer served as the circuit's secretary for many years and is still considered the matriarch of the organization. 

Meet The OCRA Officers


Bob Schwartz

Fayette County

Vice President

Dennis Fricke

Allen County

Secretary/Treasurer Team

Judy Foureman, Secretary - Darke Co.

Lisa Schwartz, Treasurer - Fayette Co.