OCRA Nominations Are Due March 15, 2020


Nomination Forms For 2020

In the Ohio Colt Racing Association circuit you may nominate to 20 fairs across the board for $500 and individual fairs for $75 each.  The Parshall Memorial Stakes opportunity is available for 2YO's not previously nominated to the Parshall, as long as they are staked ATB.  We are also participating in the Buckeye Fair Racing Consortium Scholarship program which will utilize $5 from every bonus fair selection to award a 2020 scholarship to a student who has an ATB connection in any of the BFRC circuits.

It's an exciting time in county fair harness racing and the Ohio Colt Racing Association is proud to be a part!

2020 Nomination Form (pdf)


Membership Application (pdf)


2020 Conditions (pdf)